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As a courtesy this Curriculum Resources Page for Teachers is still online. It will not be maintained or updated in the future, but many of the resources still continue to be active. Pete and Marianne have retired and thank you for your support.

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Resources For California Teachers

  1. History Course Models for California Teachers - This site contains history/social science course models that meet the California State Standards. It includes model lessons and links that lead to publications and other resources that teachers might find useful when teaching the history/social science course models.
  2. California State Content Standards - This is the State of California's official site for the current content standards in California schools. They are listed by grade level (K-12) and subject in both PDF and HTML versions (HTML is a webpage and PDF is an Adobe downloadable file)
  3. History Day in California - has the Theme Supplement for History Day. The Theme this year was "Turning Points in History: People, Ideas, and Events."
  4. SCORE CyberGuides - SCORE stands for the "Schools of California Online Resources for Education". This site provides CyberGuides (web-searching activities for students) in the area of History and Social Sciences, Mathematics, Science, and Language Arts.
California Teachers
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Resources For All Teachers
  1. National History Day has all the most recent information about History Day, this years theme, including student guides, etc. It also has winning projects from previous years.
  2. K-12 Subject Guide - A table from "Educating.Com" that lists pre-school and K-12 subjects by grade level in order to make it easier for teachers and students to find high quality educational resources.
  3. Marco Polo - Provides high quality standards-based Internet content and professional development for K-12 teachers and students. Excellent Search Feature.
  4. Flags of Our Ancestors - Contains pictures, brief descriptions and histories of hundreds of historical flags. Topics include: Prussian, English, Early Colonies, American Revolution, Mexican-American War, Civil War, World War I & II, Third Reich, Cold War, and Modern Conflict Flags.
  5. Education Atlas - A comprehensive portal to some of the best education sites on the Web.
  6. Teacher's Closet - A variety of teaching and classroom resources including a nice selection of lesson Plans (Grades K-8).
  7. History's Happening! - A large listing of "kid-safe" sites for both the history teacher and student divided into Ancient World History, Medieval World History, Modern World History, and United States History. (Includes resources for teachers)
  8. Bartleby.Com - The "Great Books" online, need I say more... If you haven't visited this site, shame on you!
  9. PBS TeacherSource On-Line - PBS Teacher Previews is the weekly online newsletter from PBS Online designed specifically for K-12 educators. Each week, you'll find details on PBS broadcast programs with educational taping rights.
  10. WebQuests - This site is designed to serve as a resource to those who are using the WebQuest model to teach with students on the web. It has excellent examples and materials made by teachers who use WebQuests with their students. The WebQuests concept was developed at San Diego State University by Bernie Dodge and Tom March.
  11. Links to the Past" - This to the gateway to all the National Parks Service sites. It is an educational gold mine.
  12. History Teachers Net - One of the best resource sites for History teachers on the net.
  13. The History Buff - providing FREE primary souce material for students, teachers, and history buffs.
  14. History Maps - This is part of the Best of HISTORY WEB SITES. An excellent links list for maps.
  15. History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers - The major purpose of this site is to encourage the use of the World Wide Web as a tool for learning and teaching and to provide some help for K-12 classroom teachers in locating and using the resources of the Internet in the classroom.
  16. History on the Net - historical information linked to the English National Curriculum, for teachers, pupils, parents and anyone who wishes to further their historical knowledge.
  17. Awesome Library - organizes the Web with 20,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education.
  18. 42eXplore - Why start with a search engine, when you can find a pathfinder to fit your needs at 42eXplore? On this web project you'll find definitions, activities, and links and resources for over 200 thematic topics.
  19. Headline History - This site is full of true stories about English history covering four eras: Romans, Tudors, Victorians and World War Two.
  20. Mr. Sabato' Portal - Thousands of links for students, parents, and teachers put together by George Sabato, a middle school teacher at Edwin Markham Middle School in Placerville, California.
  21. - Online History lessons, games, worksheets, quizzes and links.
  22. Sites for Teachers - Fun, FREE, and Effective ESL and K12 resources for teachers. Lots of FREE printable resources. Crosswords, Word Searches and Flash Cards. Animal habitat cards and more . . . A+ Site for Teachers.
  23. Great Sites for Kids - Sites selected by the Children and Technology Committee of the Association for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association. 
  24. Awesome Library - Education Directory for Librarians - This is a section for librarians, with links grouped first into the core subject areas, plus a special set of librarian resources. 
  25. Watching America - If you are focusing on America in the global context, you can discover what the world thinks about the USA at this interesting website.
  26. BUBL Information Service - Internet resources according to their subject classification with a distinctively "European" feel to it. A very friendly layout of resource links. 
  27. Berkeley Digital Library SunSite - The U.C. Berkeley Library links to some of the most useful digital libraries and collections of information on the World Wide Web.
  28. The EdWeb K-12 Resource Guide  - This site offers a collection of on-line educational resources, including teacher and administrative discussion groups services, as well as lesson plans, interactive projects, and interesting places to explore.
  29. Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) - More than 30 Federal agencies make hundreds of federally supported education resources available at this web site.
  30. The Gateway - Access to high quality Internet lesson plans, curriculum units and other education resources.
  31. Library of Congress Web - The entry point to the Library of Congress, our nation's leading library. Lots of full-text and graphical resources, exhibits, and of course, databases. 
  32. Digital History - Includes a complete online American History Textbook called the "Hypertext History," plus many printable resources.
  33. The Scout Report - A weekly publication of the Internet Scout Project (not "Boy Scouts"), it provides a fast, convenient way to stay informed about valuable resources on the Internet.
  34. AskA+ Locator - The Virtual Reference Desk AskA+ Locator provides resources and links to experts that offer answers to questions that students or educators might have.
  35. Best on the Web for Teachers - Thousands of sites filled with teacher resources. Incredible collection from ""
  36. History/Social Studies Training & Resources - A list of links compiled by the Tahlequah Public Schools Title III Program
  37. Teacher TidBytes - Many World History links are listed for educators on this informative site. It is part of the larger site.
  38. My Virtual Reference Desk - History - Nicely organized reference list of history related sites, part of Refdesk.Com
  39. Eastern Studies Database - A collection of academic resources and lesson plans in the area of Asian and Mideastern studies. Requires a site licence ($90 a year).
  40. Arts Education Resources - A site full of Art History, interactive quizzes, art and music links, lesson plans, online galleries, and learning games, from FamilyEducation.Com
  41. The White House - This connects you to the White House Web Site. It is filled with goodies.
  42. A Chronology of United States Historical Documents - Every important historical document from United States history collected by the University of Oklahoma Law Center.
  43. Discovery Channel School - is filled with free lesson plans, activities, and links for educators, including great, easy-to-use puzzle makers. The site includes permissions for classroom teachers to record and use Discovery Channel broadcasts copyright free.
  44. Scholastic Teacher's Page - teacher resources from Scholastic Magazine. Always worth a look. (This site contains information and advertising about Scholastic and third party products.)
  45. CNN Teacher's Page - teacher resources from CNN. This site contains Teacher Resources, Educational News, and a Student News Page.
  46. American President Organization - This site on a includes Presidential Biographies, Essays, Lesson Plans, Web Resources, Historical Documents, Political and Historical Glossaries.
  47. The Costume Page - A page with over 2,000 links to websites about changing clothing styles throughout history.
  48. Teacher's First - Features resources and lesson plans for K-12 teachers. It includes classroom materials reviewed by teachers, then sorted by subject and grade level.
  49. The Historical Text Archive - is a fantastic collection of historical documents and papers about history collected by the Mississippi State University. Includes both American and World History sources.
  50. BBC Learning - The BBC website contains over half a million pages of news, entertainment and factual material. There's also a wealth of educational programs available across the BBC's TV and radio channels.
  51. BlueWeb'n Learning Library - is a collection of learning-oriented websites. Lots of activities, lesson plans, etc.
  52. Busy Teacher's Website K-12 - provides teachers with direct source materials, lesson plans/classroom activities with a minimum of site-to-site linking.
  53. Educating.Net - provides you with a convenient and comprehensive portal to all forms of education, including all levels K-12, Home schooling, Distance Learning, College Degrees, Homework Help, GED/High School Diploma Online, Professional Re-training, Continuing Education, Fun Learning, References - and everything in between.
  54. Small Planet - A resource for teachers, includes downloadable lesson plans.
  55. The World Lecture Hall - is the ultimate Web resource for the independent student.
  56. History and Social Studies Sites - Part of Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators, one of the best teaching sources on thee web.
  57. Education World - is like Yahoo! especially made for teachers. A great site to get educational materials.
  58. Center for Computer-aided Egyptological Research - The CCER has a specialized search engine, menus and sub-menus for computer-aided research on Ancient Egypt. It is provided by Utrecht University in the Netherlands.
  59. The History Net - This site is filled with a wide range of history topics that are frequently updated. A great place for historical research.
  60. B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper provides on line help for students working on homework, or research projects. It has been online since 1986 and has hundreds of helpful sites chosen by B.J.
  61. Smithsonian Education - includes issues of Art to Zoo and Let's Go, curriculum kits, and image libraries for downloading.
  62. The Educator's Reference Desk - provides on line help for classroom teachers. The new home of "Ask Eric" database.
  63. Smithsonian Magazine - Reprints from the Smithsonian Magazine
  64. Dyann K. Schmidel Home Page - is an excellent resource for the classroom teacher. It contains all sorts of stuff for educational instruction, Bio-Chem Net, and some dynamite examples of high school web sites.
  65. Web Ring - As the name implies, the K12 Resource Ring is a ring of sites providing good K12 resources - with an emphasis on software and electronic learning.
  66. Historia's Castle - Provides on-line scoring quizzes on World History topics. They are in multiple choice and true/false format, scores and provides review of answers.
  67. World History - attitudes and events, from early humanity to 2000 CE, with "Thematic Index of Selected Subjects in History"
  68. Degree Confluence Project - The goal of the project is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take pictures at each location.
  69. Girl’s Wide World of Web Resources - A commericial website that provides links to some useful sites that with deal with issues facing adolescent girls. Teachers are cautioned to preview these websites before sharing them.
California Teachers
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Clip Art Library
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Clip Art and Picture Library

  1. Open Clip Art Library - Over 6900 free downloadable clip art images, what else need we say?
  2. Classroom Clip Art - Over 30, 000 free clip art images, clipart, illustrations and photographs for every occasions.
  3. Pictures 4 Learning - Pics4Learning is a copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students.
  4. Pictures Free Organization - 100,000+ Totally Free Pictures indexed by subject.
  5. EASE History - A great site from Michigan State University featuring over 600 photos and political ads in streaming video.
  6. Download Free Pictures - images are provided royalty free for non-commercial use, including personal, educational and non-profit use.
  7. Free Graphics - Yes, these sites all have free graphics (you pay no money), but some do have usage restrictions such as requiring a link back to their site and different restrictions for personal vs. commercial use.
  8. Masters of Photography - You are free to use up to five or six images from this site for any personal non-profit, educational purpose as long as you give credit to them.
  9. FreeFoto.Com - The photographs (62951 images) on this site are free to private non-commercial users as long as you follow the rules. (Read their "Rules of Use")
  10. Bigfoto.Com - a royalty free photo agency offering free use of all pictures for educational purposes (with link or reference). See copyright for details.
  11. All Free Graphics -You're free to use any of the clipart in this collection for personal pages and whatever else you would like.
  12. Classroom Clip Art Sources - A collect of links to classroom clipart sites from Jefferson County Schools.
  13. Classroom Clip Art - Discover Channel allows you to use up to ten of their graphics on a project - check their "Terms of Use" requirements.
  14. 3D Flags - This site has waving flags for every country in the world. They are downloadable for free use as long as you provide a link on your site to
  15. Free PowerPoint Templates - A nice little collection of free PowerPoint templates for you to download.
  16. Free PowerPoint Backgrounds - a library of free PowerPoint templates geared toward students and educators from
  17. ManiActive - These are 100% recycled, free PowerPoint templates. You can download them for idea starters, or for whatever you wish. Enjoy!
  18. Indezine's list of Free PowerPoint Links - a links list to sites offering free PowerPoint templates, samples, etc.
  19. Website Estates - A library of free PowerPoint templates geared toward students and educators. The library contains a variety of designs and themes and is updated frequently
  20. Brainy Betty - A site with a bizarre name, but it is full of PowerPoint resources for the teacher.
California Teachers
For All Teachers
Clip Art Library
Lesson Plan Library

Lesson Plan Library
  1. Teaching With Documents - Lesson Plans from the National Archives.
  2. Lesson Plan Library - Part of Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators, one of the best teaching sources on the web.
  3. PowerPoint Palooza - Over 140 PowerPoints for A.P. American History, A.P. European History, and Global Studies.
  4. Awesome Lesson Plans - Another collection of links to sites that contain lesson plans. Divided by topic. (Part of the Awesome Library)
  5. Lesson Plans from Core Knowledge® National Conferences - This collection contains units and lesson plans developed by teachers in Core Knowledge schools. The units and lessons were presented at recent national Core Knowledge conferences.
  6. Lesson Plans 4 Teachers - part of the Educator's Network. With over 120,000 original lesson plans found on hundreds of different sites throughout the Internet, it's nice to know that someone is trying to organize this chaos for you.
  7. Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) - More than 30 Federal agencies make hundreds of federally supported education resources and lesson plans available at this web site.
  8. Downloadable Resources - 350+ Free downloadable Worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF Files, and CD-Rom tasksheets.
  9. Lesson Plans Center - In the Teach-nology Lesson Plans Center you will find your way to well over 18,100 lesson plans. They add roughly 100 lessons to their index weekly.
  10. Free Teacher Worksheets - offers a wide range of free teacher worksheets that can be used for reinforcement and review. (Part of
  11. Teacher's Closet - A direct link to the Teacher's Closet Lesson Plan Menu (Grades K-8). Enjoy browsing through their selections.
  12. NBISP Home Page - This site, sponsored by the North Bay International Studies Project, provides links to teaching information about Indian culture, history, and religion. It includes downloadable teacher produced lesson plans on Africa.
  13. Teaching American History - This site has downloadable U.S. History lesson plans developed as part of the Napa Teaching American History Insitute.
  14. CSUN Lesson Plans - Dr. Marty Levine, Professor Emeritus of Secondary Education, California State University, Northridge (CSUN), has gathered lesson plans and resources from the Internet which social studies teachers will find useful.
  15. Discovery Channel Lesson Plan Library - is filled with free lesson plans and activities. The site includes permissions for classroom teachers to record and use Discovery Channel broadcasts copyright free.
  16. Retanet - This high school Latin America lesson plan exchange currently features 65 teacher made social studies lessons.
  17. Teacher's First Lessons - Featured lesson plans for K-12 teachers. A quick introduction to some of the material available on the Teacher's First site.
  18. A to Z Teacher Stuff's Online Collection - 269 original lesson plans submitted by teachers ... browse their growing lesson collection
  19. Lesson Plans Page - One of the best PreK-12 teacher resources on the Internet, and it's completely free!
  20. New York Times Lesson Plans - This archive contains hundreds of free lesson plans for grades 6-12. You may perform a keyword search to retrieve a lesson, browse the archive by subject, or scroll down the page to view the most recently published lessons.
  21. AskERIC Lesson Plans - Now part of the Educator's Reference Desk, this collection contains more than 2000 unique lesson plans which have been written and submitted to AskERIC by teachers from all over the United States and the world.
  22. Lesson Plans and Activities - A good collection of links (some of whom are listed here) to sites that contain lesson plans. (Part of the Best of HISTORY WEB SITES)
California Teachers
For All Teachers
Clip Art Library
Lesson Plan Library

Useful Websites for ESL/SDAIE Teachers
  1. Learn English - A free, on-line, educational resource helping ESL and EFL students to learn English words.
  2. World History Sites in English and español - History teacher Carlos Diaz offers World History links in english (páginas de historia universal en inglés)
  3. in español - Explore in Spanish.
  4. The Rubric Bank - The bank is filled with rubric making information and tools.
  5. Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators – Teacher helpers for assessment and rubrics.
  6. Children’s Literature - Carol Hurst’s children’s literature website.
  7. Greek and Latin Roots - A Chart of Greek and Latin Roots from Mattson Junior High School.
  8. Greek and Latin Dictionary - A dictionary of Greek and Latin Roots from Glendale Community College Learning Center.
  9. Aesop’s Fables - A collection of over 655 of Aesop’s best fables.
  10. Teaching Rubrics - Rubric generators provided by TeAchnology.
  11. Dave’s ESL Café - A treasure chest filled with ESL stuff.
  12. Dictionary On-Line - Merriam-Webster Dictionary online.
  13. Activities for ESL Students – Activities, quizzes, exercises and puzzles to help learn English as a second Language.
  14. Interesting Things for ESL Students – a fun-filled study site for students of English as a Second Language – word games, puzzles, quizzes, exercises, slang, proverbs, etc.
  15. The Owl OnLine Writing Lab – huge collection of ESL Resources.
  16. Internet Picture Dictionary – An old fashioned picture dictionary online.
  17. WriteEXPRESS - An online rhyming dictionary.
  18. The Myth Man presents Myth Mania - Greek mythology today featuring "The Myth of the Month."
  19. - A fantastic site about each of the states of the United States: includes symbols, almanacs, geography, maps, people, history, governments, and much more.
California Teachers
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